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There are many reasons why a trust established and domiciled in the United States, and specifically in Wyoming, should be a part of your comprehensive asset protection and wealth succession strategy.US TRUST ONLINE

First,  the Wyoming Uniform Trust Code provides a comprehensive statutory framework and body of law to govern the creation and operation of trusts domiciled here. Trusts here are easy to create and flexible to operate. Whether the trust is structured for asset protection, business succession, wealth accumulation and preservation, multiple generation planning, or charitable purposes, it can all be done here.  For those who want long term, multi-generation planning, a trust may last up to 1,000 years under Wyoming law.

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Second, Wyoming provides a high level of privacy as there are no requirements for disclosure of information regarding the grantor or the beneficiaries of the trust in any public records.

Third, Wyoming has no state income tax, which provides a substantial tax savings for irrevocable trusts.

Fourth, Wyoming is a very cost effective state to draft, implement and manage a trust, and the ongoing management fees for the trust are less than what is typically charged in many other states.

Whatever your financial or estate goals are, a Wyoming trust that has been prepared to meet your specific needs is an excellent tool to help you accomplish them. US

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Setting up a Wyoming Trust should not be complicated.

We are constantly asked for help in dealing with Wyoming or USA Trust Services. Mountain Business Center LLC frequently sets up Wyoming LLCs or Wyoming Corporations that transfer assets to Wyoming Trusts. We have excellent Wyoming trust attorneys and CPAs that we can refer you to. We can also open bank accounts in Wyoming to help protect your money. US TRUST ONLINE

We also offer a few other services that might make your life easier. We can open Wyoming bank accounts without you actually having to come here. We can also handle all of your mail and scan or forward it to wherever you would like.

We know how busy you are and we are here to help. We frequently fly to visit clients and notarizes documents for customers who live all over the world. Please let me know what your particular needs are, and if you have any questions that we can help answer. Wyoming, USA Trust Services

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